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Representing England through a strong mental game

Name of client: Sam Done – England Golf, Men’s Squad.

Background to our work

Sam and I began working together during his winter training. Sam was already a strong elite amateur golfer, performing and placing consistently well in tournaments, with many notable achievements under his belt. Sam knew that developing a mental game to support his already strong technical game would bring a foundation, and better consistency to his game. It would also make the difference to his tournament outcomes and career potential. Very early on in our work we discussed the goal of being selected for the England Golf Men’s squad.

Our work and Sam’s outcomes

We spent the spring helping Sam become familiar with how he thinks, feels and therefore plays when he plays his best. We cleared out unproductive thinking habits, developing better routines and his high-performance play state – a way of thinking that he built into his game for the upcoming season.

After only 4 months Sam’s hard work started to pay dividends. He had a strong second half of his season playing well and qualifying for the match play stages in the British and English Amateur Championships. He also finished eighth at the Scottish Men’s Open Championships, and 11th in the Lee Westwood Trophy.

As a result of his successful season, Sam was selected for the England Golf squad and made his

debut in February of the following season. Sam went on to represent England throughout Europe.

Client Perspective

“Nicola has helped me have more confidence in my own ability. She’s helped me see that if I use my confidence and ability together, they both become very strong assets to me when trying to compete at the highest level.

With Nicola, I feel we’re both working together to achieve my goals. She’s been keen to work alongside my technical golf coach, and has opened up my mind to the benefits of a well-rounded performance team.

Today, I know I make more informed decisions when my state of mind is calm, controlled and focused on the matter at hand, this knowledge helps me both on and off the golf course on a daily basis. Nicola and I have developed mental strategies and techniques to create my best mental state of mind, tailored to help me perform at my best. These methods have now become beneficial habits.

Nicola has a relaxed, enjoyable yet professional and confidential approach. She shows you how to be the best you can be, while making that process enjoyable. I can always sense her desire to help my improvement, highlighted by the genuine enjoyment we share when our work is able to lead the successes on the golf course.”

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