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Ellwood Associates


Nicola has a team of associates who join her – experienced coaches and people developers who she has trained in coaching and NLP, trained with, or been trained by. She sees this collective as a ‘tribe’, together making a bigger, more impactful difference to leaders and teams in organisations.


The team have full toolboxes, including MSc Level Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner status and PRINT® accreditation - amongst other tools. Like Nicola, most have been in this profession their whole career.

What we do and who we are
  • We help people be their best

  • We are coaches through and through

  • We are team developers and leadership specialists

  • We are communication specialists - equipping leaders with a heightened self awareness and excellence in communication skills, so they can get the best out of their colleagues

What does it mean to be us? Our maxims:

We believe in possibility and potential.

We believe the people we work with are so much more than they think they are. We bring lightness to those we work with.


We are person-centred.

It’s our client’s life - their work, their career. We are non-directive, focussed on helping them move along their own path toward their own outcomes.


We champion.

We stand by their side, positively challenging, excited to see where our journey takes us.


We coach the person within the professional.

We are specialists in helping people develop themselves from the inside out. We know the power of coaching the whole person and help them know themselves, so they can grow themselves.


We have mastery of what we do.

We are super-skilled, qualified to a high level and very experienced. We can coach any person in any sector on any content.


We have full toolboxes to engage change…

which we pick and choose from as appropriate to the client. We know that, like our clients, we have the resources within us to achieve the desired outcomes.


Leaders who lead as their best lead the best teams and the best organisations.

We know that leaders who show up consistently as who they want to be, are leaders that people want to go on the journey with.

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