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Welcome to your Best Self

Imagine yourself as your best. You’re confident, motivated, happy and a delight to be around.

You are being your best self - the version that ‘you’ enjoy being (and the version of you that others enjoy working with).


Helping you be this way is why I do what I do… I’m a specialist in helping people be their best, mentally. I help people think well, feel good and have the best experience of themselves. I have curated my tool kit over the years with knowledge insights, tools and techniques that help me help my client be their best consistently.

Introducing NLP

I am a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming). NLP helps people understand how they think and feel when at their best. It is a change model for the mind and practitioners like me utiltise NLP’s teachings and techniques to evolve their client’s experience of themselves, the way they think, feel, behave and communicate towards their best. NLP used within coaching helps my clients show up more consistently as their best – so impacting positively on their life, their work, how they lead their teams, themselves and their careers.


Introducing PRINT®

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PRINT® is the next generation personal insight and team and leadership development tool. A much-valued tool in the toolkit


Rather than simply describing style, type, personality or preference, PRINT® goes deeper and further, unveiling your Unconscious Motivators® – the strong driving force behind your thoughts, feelings and actions.


PRINT® answers some fascinating questions - Why can you be your best, happiest, most productive and high performing version of you? What is unique within you that enables that…and why do you sometimes get in your own way?


Not only is PRINT® a deeply insightful tool, it is a change tool, helping people change the way they think and behave to unlock their very best outcomes.

PRINT®: A Leadership and personal development tool

Used in a one-to-one coaching setting, PRINT® gives leaders clarity over who they are as leaders. What uniquely drives them. What is the unique structure behind why they lead well. PRINT® also highlights the ‘watch out’s’ – the things that might cause them to get in their way, lose influence or confidence.


Working with the coach’s tool kit and PRINT®, the leader can use its insight and evolve the way they think and feel, helping them lead as the leader they want to be, comfortably from a place of internal congruence. Leaders who work with PRINT® are self aware to a deep level – and use this to navigate their world, as their best.


As a coach, I have seen PRINT® change many people’s lives for the good – including my own.

A team cohesion and performance tool

Used in a team setting, it creates deep understanding between colleagues - the ‘a ha’ lightbulb moments, and ultimately, if the insight is worked with, cohesion.


“I feel like I know you and understand you.” is a phrase I hear often when teams work with PRINT®.


For teams that have worked together for years, it goes deeper to help them understand each other to a deeper level and have a new language to explore how to get the best out of each other. Teams leave their PRINT® discovery with strategies to stay in best self personally, whilst helping each other do that too.


PRINT® celebrates what we uniquely bring to the team, who we can be when at our best, and how to be it, both personally and collectively, as a team.

Discovering your PRINT®

Nicola and her team of associates are amongst a small UK community of coaches licenced to use the tool. PRINT® is discovered through an intelligent survey which generates the PRINT® report. The coach uses their skills to help you deepen the insight provided by PRINT®. They can then use their wider tool kit to support PRINT® strategies to help you evolve the way you think, feel communicate and behave, unlocking your best.


Get in touch to find out how you or your teams can benefit from PRINT’s insight.



Having worked with Nicola previously, I was excited to be doing coaching together again, but wow didn’t expect it to be so transformative! PRINT is such an insightful tool for understanding your best- and shadow-self and also of those around you. It gives a language to being able to talk about triggers and how to help enable best-self behaviours. Nicola has a friendly, open, fun and encouraging approach, which made me look forward to sessions even more! I feel a more conscious leader with a renewed and clearer focus on bringing my best-self to my work, for myself and others. Become an authentic version of your best self, with Nicola and PRINT.

Emma Colwill. Global Business Development Director. Pukka Herbs

I enjoyed the project with Nicola. PRINT really creates a good language to talk and better understand each member of the LT. This really created in-depth conversations that has strengthened our intimacy, respect for each other! It definitely also strengthened individual connections.

 Tijs Val Olfen – International Business Development Director Pukka Herbs

Having my ‘best-self’ and ‘shadow’ spelt out to me by PRINT® has shown me that I do always try and come to work in best-self, but not everyone has my PRINT® and I mustn’t let other people’s actions push me into Shadow. This course has highlighted that we are all unique with our own personal strengths and weaknesses.  Individually we may struggle sometimes – but collectively we now know how to support, care and champion each other, and this makes us very strong as a team and as an organisation.

England Golf Leader

I’ve reconnected with the ‘REAL’ me. Unlocked a lot of blockages that I had created within myself. I’ve gained confidence and trust in others and the skills, confidence and belief to change myself for the better. I can’t thank Nicola and the group enough for what they have helped me achieve through this.

 England Golf Leader.

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