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Executive Coaching

Helping you be your best

Executive coaching enables you to consistently show up as the leader you can be: Confident, balanced, influential and with a profile and presence to be proud of – a leader people want to be led by.

Coaching provides an objective space in which you can enhance your deep sense of self-awareness and connection to purpose. You become clear about your direction, decisions and develop the ability to confidently lead yourself, your people and your organisation forward.

My job is to stand by your side and use my skills to support you and move you forward, championing you to be your best so that you can then help your teams and organisation be the best they can be.



Nicola helps me address where I want my business to be in 5 years time. Her expertise is in gently teasing out the details of how you get there, and what it feels like for you and your team – and then bringing you back to those things again and again. My team have seen a direct benefit of Nicola’s work in how I communicate with them and the wider business. But collectively, we have also used it to stay true to our goals and our values even when, as usual, the world demands an expedient and tactical answer to matters of the moment. Our regular sessions give me the headspace and safe environment I need to support my great team.

Iain Chalmers. Managing Director.

Working with Nicola has allowed me to embrace who I am as a leader of people. Coaching has given me the confidence and helped me understand the impact of my being my Best Self, and how to adapt this into my leadership style. Nicola creates a safe place, providing an environment for speaking, exploring and learning freely with no judgment. Nicola uses different techniques to get the insights, impact and learnings required. She makes your journey very personal, skilfully embracing the different needs of each client, helping them utilise their unique resources and develop strategies to be their best. My time spent with Nicola was so valuable, and the learnings I practice every day, whether this be consciously or unconsciously.

Kathryn Kerrigan. Head of Delivery.

Working with Nicola has been fantastic. I’ve gained so much from the process Nicola has taken me through, helping me to straighten out my vision and goals, the beliefs that lie behind them and the behaviours that I need for the future. Nicola is amazingly skilled in coaching, and her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I’d highly recommend working with her to anyone looking to work as their best self – I’ve certainly found it invaluable.

I needed a leadership coach to help me develop my emotional intelligence. Nicola has helped to bring clarity to my thinking and be the best version of me I can be in any given situation. I highly recommend Nicola as a leading coach to get the best out of you and your team members. If you’re serious about changing the way you think in business, sport or life, look no further than Nicola. She changed my life!

Stephen Burnett. Performance Manager.

Anne Rodger. Business Owner.

I had an important and rather scary decision to make about my future career. Nicola helped me to work through the different options, exploring what was most important to me and my future. Coaching gave me clarity, and the confidence to take a step I might otherwise not be brave enough to have done, but which is turning out to be a great decision for me. I thoroughly recommend Nicola, she provided just the right balance of insight and encouragement.

I had the opportunity to undertake a series of coaching sessions with Nicola at her office in Lincoln. From the outset she was very friendly and welcoming, quickly building trust to create an effective coaching relationship. On her request I completed a PRINT profile and this formed the beginning of our conversations regarding working style, communication and personal effectiveness. I found my time with Nicola to have been highly effective and I would recommend her to others!

Caroline Illingworth. Assessment Centre Manager.

Andy Jeffcutt. Head of People Services.

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