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Creating 'Our Leaders' - a leadership development programme

England Golf’s ‘Our Leaders’ programme is a bespoke leadership, engagement and culture programme, built to equip leaders and managers with excellence in communication skills, heightened self-awareness, and deep emotional intelligence.

Its focus: to create ‘Our Leaders’ – a collective of leaders and manager who engage their teams to the organisation and its future. Over 9 modules, 23 ‘influencers of culture’ – people who had influence; from first line manager, to squad team manager, to Director, were equipped with the mindsets, skills and approaches to be ‘colleague centred’ and a leader who others want to follow. The programme developed them to enable psychologically supportive environment within the team, whilst empowering and building

accountability for performance and potential.

The programme draws insights, models and theory, with a continuous practical application from the worlds of EQ, Neuroscience, NLP, Coaching and Leadership theory. The delegates were also supported with Executive Coaching to ensure the transfer of learning from the programme to their role. Underpinning the self-awareness aspect of the programme, the cohort embraced PRINT® and the transformation it enabled within them. This ‘next generation’ personal insights tool, unlocked self-awareness, self-management and deeper emotional resilience through a better understanding of themselves and who they can be when being their best leader. Due to the amount it changed behaviour within the cohort, PRINT® was subsequently adopted by many teams within the organisation to help create ‘Best Self’ culture.

Client Perspective

It was important to me that we developed a programme that would engage the whole of a person. Looking to develop their awareness of themselves, their impact on others and ways they could encourage and lead people. This process, ultimately, enables us as an organisation to achieve our aims and objectives. We wanted better skilled managers and leaders that would promote a great culture within the organisation.

Having experienced the programme and seen the delegates developing over the course of it, PRINT supports people’s self-awareness in a manner that allows for acceptance. The programme provides practical skill development and enhancement along with theoretical understanding. Nicola naturally engages with people and her ability to build rapport quickly is a key success factor of the programme. Through this programme we have seen people having conversations that they previously would not have approached, enhancing their working relationships across the organisation. In some cases, the programme has been transformational.

It is so important to us to have great communication skills, confident and supportive managers and those who lead by example. This programme is delivering an essential part of our people strategy and right now, is more important than ever. Nicola’s approach is highly flexible. She develops and delivers content and due to her level of knowledge and ability, is able to flex this during the programme to meet the needs of the individuals. Nicola takes your aims and goals, developing them into a bespoke programme that continues to evolve with the needs of the organisation. I thoroughly enjoy working with Nicola and look forward to continuing to develop our programme.

– Mary-Anne Price. Head of HR.

Delegate Perspective

“I’ve experienced a massive increase in Coaching skills. I am so much more self-aware now. I understand my purpose – I am more people centred, positive and realise that my flexibility is the key.” – Our Leaders cohort member.

“Amazing - I’ve reconnected with the ‘REAL’ me. Unlocked a lot of blockages that I had created within myself. I’ve gained confidence and trust in others and the skills, confidence and belief to change myself for the better. I can’t thank Nicola and the group enough for what they have helped me achieve through this


– Our Leaders cohort member.

“The programme has been hugely impactful and enhanced the way I see myself as a leader. I am a better, stronger, more empowering leader equipped to support my team and lead my part of the organisation. It’s been useful and in summary – life changing.”

– Our Leaders cohort member.

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