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Getting to the Open

Name of client: Ashton Turner, Pro Golfer. British Open Competitor.

Background to our work

Ash and I began working together during his winter training, in early spring 2019. As a professional golfer ash wanted his mental game to be on top form ready for the season. Being a competent and strong player already, ash knew that his mental game would make all the difference to his performance out in the field. Golf legend Arnold Palmer quoted that golf is a game of inches and the most important are the six inches between your ears. Ash knew he had a big year ahead and wanted to lead the field by being on top of his game mentally physically and technically. As a mindset specialist that had worked with many professional golfers, he and his technical coach approached me to help him define and refine this side of his game.

Our work and Ash’s outcomes

Over seven months we tuned him into his highest performing version, exploring and refining how he thinks when he plays his very best. Ash developed and built our work in a mental process that he drew upon to help him play his best Ash had a really strong year with one of the highlights being qualifying and playing in the British Open. During The Open qualifier his mental routine enabled him to stay focused and achieve the outcome he wanted, and during the tournament itself he played in a very strong field under difficult conditions, making the cut. Ash continued with a strong and has started this season well, winning his first three professional tournaments.

Client Perspective

“When I first started working with Nicola, my mental game was one of my weak areas and the one which I struggled with most out on the course. My change in thinking has been massive and it is now one of the most reliable aspects of my game thanks to Nicola’s expertise.

In our first few sessions, we covered a lot of general topics which not only related to golf but the way I thought about life in general as well and this was something which I really enjoyed and found valuable. 

She has enabled me to train the way I think to be the best version of myself not only in tournament but also in everyday life as well. The methods taught are very simple to take on board and learn and I was able to call on these during The Open last year. where nerves and negative thoughts would have got the best of me in the past, the skills we had been working on allowed me to focus on the job in hand and perform stress-free.  Whether you are looking for help in your everyday way of thinking or if you are wanting it for more task/sport specific purposes, Nicola is a fantastic asset to have as part of your team and I can’t recommend her enough!”

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