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Who are you when you are your very best?

Perhaps when you are your best, you are exactly who you know you can be: Someone who is thriving, in touch with who they are, where they are going and leading others who are also thriving.
Imagine consistently living and breathing your best. Imagine the possibilities…
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I’m Nicola Ellwood…

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an interest in people and a desire to help them move forwards towards what they want.

With something of an innate capability and the early beginnings of an enjoyable career in personal and leadership development, I committed to a sense of purpose which was to use my skills to help people be their best. Decades (and plenty of letters after my name) later, I’ve taken what I already had and equipped myself with the ability to help people and organisations make the transition towards their best – getting better, more meaningful results faster...

My Work

As a Master Coach (with an MSc in Executive Corporate and Personal Coaching) and Master NLP Practitioner, I have all the tools to help people move, progress and make the changes they want to make – personally and professionally. As a coach I specialise in working with the person within the profession and my goal is to enable them to unlock their best self, and therefore their very best potential.

I provide a range of support options for individuals, including executive coaching and NLP mind-based coaching to help people transform the way they think, feel and communicate. I am one of a handful of UK coaches licensed in the ground-breaking transformation tool PRINT®, which goes further to unlock self-awareness, purpose, clarity over who you can be when you are best and enables transformation towards that version of you. Having previously worked in employee engagement as Head of Personal Development, I also support organisations with their employee engagement. I help bring engagement strategies to life, by equipping managers and leaders with the approaches and communications skills that create thriving, engaged and productive team cultures.

Whatever the intervention, my sense of purpose is to help people thrive by feeling their happiest and most fulfilled, so they go on to achieve their very best, high performing outcomes.

I love every second of what I do, and my clients tell me it shows.

Meet Nicola


Nicola is the coach you want! Seriously. She made me believe in myself - after every session I would come out feeling recharged, motivated and proud to be who I am, in a job that proves to me that I'm good at what I do. I can't recommend Nicola highly enough. She is motivational, kind and cares about you as a person. Her coaching really does work. Trust her she really does work miracles.

Alexandra Thornton. Senior Associate Director


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching enables you to consistently show up as the leader you can be: Confident, balanced, influential and with a profile and presence to be proud of – a leader people want to be led by.

Transforming yourself and the way you think

How do you think when you are thriving, happy and achieving your best outcomes? Can you answer that question? Or are you sometimes more conscious of how you think when you are not at your best?

Helping your business be its best

Engaging cultures are those where colleagues feel they belong, they know the part they play in the organisation’s outcomes and feel comfortable and supported to achieve their best.



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The Summer House, 20 Upper Long Leys Rd, Lincoln, LN13NH

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