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Helping your people and your business be their best

Creating your best culture through engaging managers

Engaging cultures are those where colleagues feel they belong, they know the part they play in the organisation’s outcomes and feel comfortable and supported to achieve their best. The biggest enabler of engagement (and the biggest reason for disengagement) is the line manager and the relationship they have with the people they manage. You may have heard the phrase: “People join organisations and leave managers.” Organisations will have engagement policies, but it is down to the manager to bring them to life and make the policy work. This is a skill which requires:

  • a deep self-awareness, emotional intelligence and ability to build rapport, be open and authentic.

  • heightened communication skills.

  • the ability to create a psychologically supportive team environment.

  • clarity on purpose and a clear vision on what they are leading others towards.

  • a curious ‘growth’ mindset that is inquisitive, seeks feedback and sees others as equals.

Now more than ever employees need this support. Organisations that have managers with this approach consistently outperform organisations that don’t, on many metrics.

The Engaging Manager and Leader programme

As a Master Coach, over the last 10 years I have trained thousands of managers across different sectors and many industries in the skills to be an engaging manager, by using my studies which were focused on exceptional, heightened communication skills and a deep understanding of behaviour, linguistics and positive psychology.

These programmes equip managers with the most engaging skillset and mindset of all: those of the coach. Programmes are tailored to incorporate the organisational objectives, helping the manager hone their skills around leading direction towards these.


The Engaging Manager and Leader programme brings engagement strategy to life. If you have a team of senior leaders or managers that you feel are fundamental to your organisation achieving its desired outcomes, let’s chat about how we can equip those people with the skills, mindsets and attributes you feel they need in order for your business to be its best.

Creating productive, cohesive teams who deeply understand each other

There is no such thing as a team or an organisation: it’s merely a collective of people all working together towards a common objective. How happy, engaged and productive those people are will determine the level of your outcomes and the performance of the organisation. 

I am one of a handful of PRINT® coaches in the UK and, different to traditional behavioural or personality profiling tools, PRINT® goes deeper. It works beneath the surface and unveils our Unconscious Motivators® – the drivers and reasoning behind our behaviour. It provides us with a deeper more transformational level of self-awareness. PRINT® helps us to uncover why people are the way they are when working in teams and teaches us strategies to help remain in our productive ‘Best Self’, move away from our unproductive ‘Shadow’, and help others stay in their Best Self too.


PRINT® is a change tool, its focus being on unlocking understanding, awareness and productivity. It is being adopted by local authorities, UK sports organisations and international businesses to transform culture and get better, deeper results faster than traditional tools. Used in one-to-one coaching, or in a team setting as it was originally built for, PRINT® is proven to improve personal, team and organisational productivity and performance.
“I now understand who you are and why you are the way you are – and I now know how to work with you, for our best,” is a statement I hear consistently when I use this tool in teams. PRINT® is a transformation team tool with a focus on moving you all towards your best.


Watch this short animation to find out more and get in touch.

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Nicola provided us with a tailored and bespoke leadership and management programme that enabled our team members to be their best, by learning and developing in an environment aligned to our values and strategic vision. It was great to work with someone who took time to understand our culture and dynamic at England Golf and tailor her delivery and coaching methods to suit our needs. Nicola’s care and attention to detail, enabled us to maximise the opportunity and we were delighted with the positive outcomes for our team.

Nick Pink. CEO, England Golf 2015-2019. Current CEO, England Hockey.
(See my case studies for full information on this programme).

I loved your presence, attention and humour on the course. I found your style very engaging and supportive – all feedback was helpful and encouraging. Excellent at paying attention to the group and individuals – very relaxed yet focused atmosphere to learn and experiment. A very safe environment. A great experience and a wealth of knowledge shared in a supportive environment. The best style of training I’ve experienced. Thank you!

AC recognised Coaching Programme Delegate

Nicola has an innate ability to build rapport very quickly, in a training environment. She uses her wealth of experience to draw the very best out of people and work with them to assist them in reaching their fullest potential. Incredibly dedicated, organised and motivated. Nicola develops key relationships very quickly and this relationship is built with trust, honesty, integrity and credibility. Nicola takes great care to understand her client’s needs. A fabulous communicator and & connector of dots. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in achieving greater success in business and life contact Nicola.

Ben Murray. Learning Technologies Business Partner. NHS

It’s been an influential and challenging development programme - hugely impactful in the way I see myself and providing me with insights in the way I see myself as a person and leader. I now have tools and techniques to understand when I’m most productive and importantly when I’m in ‘shadow’, and can move quickly to a better place. It’s opened up personal reflection (for good and bad) and I’m a better, stronger leader, more empowered and more equipped to deal with all areas of my work and leadership. It’s been really useful and a life changing experience for me. Thanks.

Our Leaders Delegate. England Golf

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