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Transforming Yourself and the Way You Think

How do you think when you are thriving, happy and achieving your best outcomes? Can you answer that question? Or are you sometimes more conscious of how you think when you are not at your best?

Perhaps you believe that the key to achieving your best lies within changing the way you think, evolving how you talk to yourself and transforming how you ‘show up’ in your world. And imagine it for a moment: What could your outcomes be if your thoughts and feelings completely served you? What would it be like to thrive in body and mind?

Imagine your possibilities…


If you realise that the way you think could make all the difference to your life, your career and all the things you want to achieve, then one of the below NLP-based programmes could be useful.

In my experience, this work sometimes weaves naturally into executive coaching to tidy up and polish how you think, communicate and behave (if you are leading people, how you show up in your role will determine your success as a leader). Through initial conversation, and depending on your context and needs, we will explore whether to integrate this into executive coaching or if this is a stand-alone project.

Be Your Best: A coaching programme for transformation

A series of (approximately) seven focused one-to-one NLP and PRINT®-based coaching sessions to help you build your inner resourcefulness, deepen your self-awareness and transform your thinking. You will become fully aware of who you can be, moving away from who you don’t want to be and develop strong strategies to move you along the path towards your best.

Be Your Best: A breakthrough day

An inspiring, transformational and motivational day of discovery. A day that will start the process of change for you to unlock your best. During this day you will equip yourself with deep self-awareness – unveiling the unique behind your thinking and behaviour. You will gain clarity over who you can be when you are your very best, and why and how you may be limiting yourself unconsciously. You’ll develop strategies to move towards that and make initial breakthroughs by clearing out unproductive thinking that gets in the way of you being your best. You will leave the day feeling clear on who you can be, why you are naturally able to be that way, what’s deeply important to you – connecting to your purpose – and you’ll feel free to become your best you.

Transformation in a group setting: Be Your Best Leader

Among a group of fellow leaders and managers, you will explore your very best version. This insightful and transformational day will introduce you to your deep values-based motivators and give you clarity on who you can be when you are at your very best, with strategies on how to be that person. It combines the ground-breaking tool PRINT® and NLP to unlock your best, in a fun and
inspiring way. The Be Your Best Leader group day can be run in-house for your team of managers and leaders, and I also host open days so please enquire if you’d like to know more.

A day discovering communication excellence

Would you like to have more flexibility, more options and better resources when dealing and communicating with peers, teams and other people? This day will equip you with heightened flexibility in how you communicate, allow you to be more influential and have better resources to manage yourself, while serving as an
introduction to the transformational tool NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). This day is for people who lead, work and live with people and want to do that more resourcefully. The Communication excellence day can be run in-house for your team of managers and leaders, and I also host open days so please enquire if you’d like to know more.



My mental game was one of my weak areas and the one which I struggled with most out on the course. My change in thinking has been massive and it is now one of the most reliable aspects of my game thanks to Nicola’s expertise. She has enabled me to train the way I think to be the best version of myself, not only in tournament but also in everyday life. Nicola is a fantastic asset to have as part of your team and I can’t recommend her enough!

Last week I was appointed Director, and now sit on the Board. This was our goal from the outset, I just didn't know how to get there. Nicola help me make my dream a reality. The sessions were confidence building and bought clarity and lightness to subjects I had dwelled on for a while. There’s no doubt in my mind that had I not done this work I would still lack confidence and focus. Thank you for helping me progress this journey.

Sarah P. Director.

Ashton Turner – Pro Golfer. British Open Competitor.

I was struggling with the run training for the Ironman Zurich. I knew my problem was a mental block and not a physical ailment.  I was immediately at ease in Nicola’s company and felt comfortable. We were able to tap into what my motivations were, refocus my thought pattern and mentally prepare for event day.  After my first session, I noticed a major improvement in my running and began to enjoy training again.  I recently turned to Nicola again for career coaching having just left HM Forces. After our session I was able to clarify what I wanted and needed from my future career and therefore better orientate myself.

Nicola has helped me have confidence in my own ability - helping me see that if I use my confidence and ability together, they both become very strong assets to me when trying to compete at the highest level. Today, I know I make more informed decisions when my state of mind is calm, controlled and focused on the matter at hand, this knowledge helps me both on and off the golf course on a daily basis. Nicola and I have developed mental strategies and techniques to create my best mental state of mind, tailored to help me perform at my best. These methods have now become beneficial habits.

Francesca O. Ironman Zurich. Finisher.

Sam Done. England Golf Men’s Squad.

I decided to have some coaching to see if it would benefit me in terms of performance and resilience. Nicola has a great ability to be able to connect with you and challenge your thoughts and behaviours. I now feel in touch with my ‘best self’ and can see positive change in many aspects of my life.

Caroline Capon. Team Leader.

I had been signed off work with work-related stress and anxiety and I reached out to Nicola to help. At first I was dubious as I had never done anything like coaching before. I was blown away with how quickly she helped me clarify my own very confusing thoughts and give me the direction that I required. I always left the sessions feeling so much better about myself & would recommend to anybody thinking about a career change or needing objective help and support from an outside source to give it a go.

NB. Teacher.

Nicola immediately puts you at ease. Casually discussing your thoughts and perceptions; you suddenly experience an epiphany; realising she's been working her magic all along.

NT. Business Owner.

We stripped everything right back to what might be blocking my best performance on the golf course. We discussed the key obstacles which were holding me back, and how I can be the best version of myself, on the course and through my day to day life. A real eye and mind opener. Thank you for all your help Nicola!

Jim Todd. Elite Amateur Golfer.

Nicola asked me to write a few sentences summarising my time spent with her. Of course I said. Should be easy. But how do I summarise someone that has made such a difference to me and how I think and act?  I thought I had a lack of confidence. I was expecting to answer some questions and fill out some forms, and to take away a few tools to give me a bit of a boost. From my very first meeting with Nicola, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Over a few cups of tea we chatted about me, my career and my future. In just a few sessions we identified that my lack of confidence was the by-product of how I think, and how I think has been shaped by past experiences, remembered with questionable accuracy. We all have different stories, and I can now see how Nicola was helping me take the conversation where it needed to go. So if I had to limit a summary of my sessions with Nicola to a few words, then I’d say that Nicola has made me a better version of me. She has helped me really understand what is important to me. She has shared tools and techniques specific to me that I can use that span both my career and my personal life.


Would I recommend Nicola? Absolutely he says, confidently.

Andy Wynne-Jones. Product & Compliance Director

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