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What are the deep values-based drivers behind your leadership style?

What are the deep drivers behind your leadership style? What is really important to you - so much so that it shapes your identity, how you think, how you behave, what you do in your career, who you are?

To explore this subject was the brief given to me by my director client this morning:

- Why do I do what I do?

- Why have I had the career and successes that I’ve had?

- How can I use this information to be the best leader i can be in future?

Right then. Off to work we go. 🤝

I could see the lightbulbs popping and the cogs whirring as we used my NLP toolbox to explore beneath the surface.

What a brief! What an open minded and open hearted leader. He admitted that a younger version of himself wouldn’t have been able to look in that mirror - Seeing who he is and why he is that way.

I found his openness inspiring and found myself thinking that he’d be equally inspiring to work with.

A great mid week highlight!

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