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Are you aware of what you truly want?

You'll know that coaches often talk about goals, right. Over the years I’ve noticed that I talk about goals and work with them differently to others...

So, you may have goals. Things that are consciously important to you, things you want, things you value having, experiencing or maybe achieving? Perhaps things you want but don't yet have.

But what sits beneath or behind those things you consiously want? The ‘values-based’ goals that are deeper within your unconscious. Are you aware of these?

When these are satisfied you feel satisfied day to day - you thrive and feel great. And if they are not satisfied there is a sense of discord, disharmony and perhaps dissatisfaction with life or work. Our values-based goals are intrinsic within us - almost like our internal GPS. They come from our culutre, our history and our experiences of life. They completely influence and create our conscious goals.

This deeper level of self awareness is always my starting point when working with clients. Working with values-based goals helps clients see ‘the wood for the trees’ and tune into a deeper sense of motivation - and therefore form better conscious goals

We go under the surface, deeper, in order to be clearer and get there faster. As well as for them personally, if they are a leader of people, beng clear of what’s deeply motivating them is hugely useful bringing a sense of confident leadership.

This NLP Coaching technique is powerful, awakening and brings about great meaning, intention and purpose.

This week I began working with a new client. We started in this area, and he was surprised at his, their power, and how much they influenced what was important to him in his role. He could see how they shaped the goals he was considering, and influenced his life and career choices.

“I must remember how important these are as I look forward and make my choices - I must look to satisfy these myself”

Once you know these things you can’t not know them. To live you best experiecne of life, there is value in tuning into and respecting they are within you.

I love helping people gain this deeper sense of self awareness. Helping them light their fire, build their confidences and unlock clarity over what’s important.

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